Improving Your Mental Well-Being

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Go from barely coping to confident.

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It was interactive and kept my attention. She explained everything really well and makes me pay attention to things I wouldn't normally. I'm telling my friends about this.


ValI really like

I really liked how each module had you make your own steps. It was easy to follow.


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Star P. Davis

I have a background of 10+ years in the medical field and a love for writing. In community college, I started writing short pieces and documenting my mental health journey. Several years later, after graduate school and lots of life experience, I'm in a place that I can share it.


  • Why take this course when I can just see a therapist or doctor?

    This course is not designed to be a substitute for specialists. It is meant to teach tools and strategies to people that want extra help or aren't prepared to speak to a professional.

  • What if I have a serious mental illness?

    The materials in this course address problems common to many mental health illnesses. However, it does not take the place of professional help.

  • Is this only for people with depression and anxiety?

    No! This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to be more resilient and have healthier relationships.

  • Can this course be taken all at once?

    No. This course is deliberately paced to allow time for implementation before new material is shared.